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When I called Jenny it seemed like a last ditch effort: I felt so dissatisfied I thought my marriage might already be over. In the first few sessions she helped me see the whole situation differently. Now, just 5 sessions later, our marriage is as strong as it has ever been. We're moving in the right direction so solidly: I can't imagine my life without my wife in it. Things just keep getting better each day. I can't thank Jenny enough.


I'd never had a lot of sexual feelings or interests. Eventually my husband and I started having problems due to it and I decided to seek therapy. I had tried 4 other Therapists before coming to Jenny. I noticed a difference in how I felt after only a couple of visits with her. My husband knew right away I was on the right track. I'm better now than I've been my entire life. Thanks Jenny!


When I came to Jenny, I was confused and frustrated. I wanted to make myself and my husband as happy in the bedroom as everywhere else in our marriage. Somehow, even after years of trying, it wouldn't come together. Jenny helped me change the way I look at the world. We've noticed such a big change! We're both really happy about how things are going between us.

You are awesome and we REALLY thank you for your help!


I want to thank Jenny and her Center for Clarity for helping me become the woman I am today. Originally I came in to discuss some marital problems, knowing I had underlying sexual abuse issues as well. Jenny has taught me many techniques to understand more completely and change my feelings, thoughts and behaviors and their interactions.

While I've been seeing Jenny I was diagnosed with cancer. The issues I get to work with now are the extremely deep issues of death, happiness, rejuvenation, endings, new beginnings and relationships, and healing me. With all Jenny’s guidance, I'm finally proud of the woman I see in the mirror. I'm proud of the decisions I'm making on a daily basis. I'm happy to be alive and able to continue exploring who I am and what my responsibilities and goals are as a human being. I think the possibilities are endless.

With all my thanks Jenny,

Debbie Ann

About The Let's Talk About It! Teleseminar Series

I did listen to the toy seminar and placed an order. Thought that was really great!


I have always been fascinated with pole dancing and was interested in what she had to say. I did check out her website and am grateful to have the information. Thank you for bringing so many interesting people to us.


About The Relationship Aids

Stop In The Name Of Love: Ejaculation Control

Twenty years of clinical practice have given Dr. Michael Riskin unique insight into the treatment of premature ejaculation. I have worked closely with Dr. Riskin for over 14 years and I highly recommend the exercises in this CD set. Dr. Riskin and his colleagues know more about treating premature ejaculation than anyone else currently working in this country. I especially like the focus on ejaculation control rather than just treating a problem.

Barbara Keesling, PhD, Educator and Author of Sexual Pleasure and How to Make Love All Night

This CD set is an important one for every man who wants to know his body better and understand his sexual responsiveness. It is also a valuable addition to the libraries of sex therapists, who might teach these techniques to clients in need of help.

Rosalyn Laudati, PhD, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Stop in the Name of Love is an excellent CD set and should be required listening for anyone involved in treating sexual problems. Most men, whether they have premature ejaculation or not, would also benefit from hearing this CD set. It is a valuable resource regarding sexual function and specifically controlling ejaculation.

Jack D Lubernsky, MD, Certified American Board of Urology

Dr. Riskin's CD Set is direct and to the point, highly practical and workable. Anyone following the step-by-step program outlined should achieve a high degree of success.

Stan White, PhD, Professor of Psychology, Board Certified Sex Therapist, and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Pleasing Your Mouth with Your Man

This creative CD set is very informative and fun. As a successful 20-year therapist, I highly recommend it.

Anita Banker, MFT, Riskin-Banker Psychotherapy Center, Santa Ana, CA

My God. She's read my mind!! So much great information ... so much to integrate ... so much fun to have!

Maryrose, Accounting Administrator and Sexual Enthusiast

The increasingly powerful meditations helped me to understand and use these great techniques - deepening my enjoyment of oral sex. Hurray for Jenny's courage and enthusiasm in presenting the woman's perspective.

Ruth P, Nurse, Sex Educator and Enthusiast

If you're ready for more fun and better sex, this is for you! The guided imagery and simple techniques guarantee "more" to a woman serious about pleasing herself."

Gary Schubach, EdD, Sex Educator, Researcher, and Therapist

A creative and unique perspective for teaching ... focusing on awareness and sensitivity ... relaxing, titillating and enjoyable."

BP, Tantra Master and Joyous Goddess

After 40 years of marriage, it's thrilling to know my wife can still want to please me, use me for her sex toy, and connect with my soul. Jenny's CD set shows any woman how she can, too!

SP, Tantra Master and B's Precious Toy

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