5 Ways to Please Your Mouth with Your Man - A Woman's Secrets

Yes, you hear me right – and I said it right! This article is indeed about how to please your mouth with your man. You may not want to tell him, though! He might feel used. Or maybe you should ask him first, your call. You know your man better than I do. Whichever you decide, decide to have fun.

1. Take a minute to remember the softest skin your mouth has ever had the privilege of experiencing. Now read on to find out where you can look for even softer, more delicate samples. Your mouth will be amazed and they're all as close as your man. So, come on ladies, decide to take the time to treat your mouth.

Start by letting your mouth sample the softness of the under side of his Cornelia (the little ridge where the head of his penis meets his shaft). Try flicking your tongue back and forth across it, all the way around; kind of like keeping your ice cream cone from dripping over. You can also lavish it with a wide, full tongue all around like when you're evening the sides of an ice cream cone. Putting little kisses/nibbles all around it lets your lips enjoy a sample and combining them with the little licks makes a truly divine combination.

You'll find this soft delicacy has the softness of new skin and letting your mouth sample it seems to lead to other fun things; like feeling your man bounce all over the place, making cute sounds, and maybe even drooling a little!

2. Speaking of drooling, you know how you can really get some people going be sucking their neck into your mouth? Depending on who's neck and where you get to experience it, this can also be a marvelous treat of soft delicateness for your mouth, too. You can assure your mouth a delicate treat when you gently suck your man's skin in two really good places. A lot depends on how hairy your man is – and how much you like or dislike hair, especially in your mouth.

First is the head – especially when your man isn't circumcised. Just suck the whole thing into your mouth. Can't have tight jaw for this so make sure you're not carrying a bunch of stress there. (Look for future tips on how to release tight jaw or ask your doctor/dentist.) By drawing it all into your mouth, your whole mouth gets to experience his magnificent softness. You can also give your lips another way of experiencing his Cornelia from this angle.

Second is the area where his scrotum meets his perineum. This is kind of a tricky place to get to and you have to be very conscious of what you're doing. Good thing finding this exquisitely soft place way down underneath his scrotum, in its self is a fascinating journey of soft delicateness. (See future tips for concerns on odors or ask your doctor.)

The journey begins by getting you tongue under the scrotal sac (the loose skin around his testicles). Depending on the size of his scrotum, his position, and his excitement level, this will be more or less tricky. When your man has a lot of loose skin, carefully lift it a little at a time with your tongue. Lift it high enough to allow the testicle to roll away so you can safely and slowly draw the sac into your mouth.

Slide your tongue in a little more and repeat till you get to the skin joining the scrotal sac and the perineum (the space before the anus). How much of the sac you need to hold in your mouth to reach the area is usually related to how often this skin gets exposed or touched. The more you have to hold, the less it gets exposed and touched, usually, and so the softer and more sensitive it is.

The same thing usually accounts for the drooling, too. Oh, well. Just give him a drool towel.

3. While you're at the base of your man's penis, you might as well please your mouth with the discovery of yet another place where your man‘s super soft. It's the great spot right on the other side of the scrotal sac. It's where the base of the penis is joined to the sac. Don't hold back if you want to let your lips feel it, too. It's easier to get to this one. Decide for yourself which your favorite is – don't let the amount of movement, sound, or drool sway you, we're focusing on your pleasure this time.

4. You're at the root of your man's blood flow. If you've never followed the heat up his shaft you're in for a BIG treat. The treat starts when you leave the base and slowly follow the bulge of his vein that originates there. Your man's bulge may be more or less obvious due to several things that are of no concern, this is about YOU!

The bulge is the vein that supplies blood for your man's erectile tissue (the stuff that makes his penis grow as it fills). The skin over it is soft and delicately thin. Sample the vein with your lips. Think of it, your man's very blood flow is under your lips. Can you let yourself experience it?

Can you feel the heat of his blood? You can flick the vein with the tip of your tongue or lavish it with a flat wide tongue as you did with the Cornelia. Try both, see which YOU prefer.

When you first start you may be able to draw the vein into your mouth a tiny bit. You may have to open your mouth across his width to let more of your mouth in on the treat as your man grows wider and longer. It's kind of like you're giving him a GENTLE hickey there (no teeth!).

To get the full experience kiss, lick and suck your way all the way to the top where you'll find the fifth way to please your mouth with your man!

5. At the very top of your man's blood flow is the head of his penis. When your man is circumcised, a tiny little scar follows the vein bulge the last inch or so and ends there, also. In that spot there is a diamond shaped area called the frenulum. It's very soft. You can please your mouth in this area through your lips and tongue.

Kiss it, flick it with the tip of your tongue, lavish it with your full tongue. Get the rest of your face involved. Rub in on your cheek, try fluttering your eyelashes across it if you can get him to stay still enough … OOOPPPSSSS!!!! I'm going off into another topic! Sorry! Look for those in my next offering. 

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