Sex on the Mind

Finally a Way to Understand Your Man’s Sexuality
by Jenny Friend, M.S., M.F.T.

Join me for a 3-hour journey along the developmental pathways of a man’s mind.

It’s an opportunity for women to finally “get”:

  • Why he always seems to be thinking about SEX.
  • What it is about a man’s world that makes him think so differently from us.
  • How experiences and personal characteristics can interact with the natural process.

For men, it’s an opportunity to understand why his woman doesn’t “get” him:

  • Why she doesn’t ever seem to think about SEX.
  • What created your world views so differently from women.
  • How specific experiences and personal characteristics may have interacted with the natural process in your life.

Come prepared to listen, share and experience and to gain empathy, understanding and emotional bonding.

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