Pleasing Your Mouth With Your Man

CD Set 2Sml

A Woman's "How-To" Guide

by Jenny Friend, M.S., M.F.T.

This is an all-original, two-and-a-half hour, three CDs set developed as a teaching tool for women who want to experience more sensuality and sexuality through their mouths. The focus is on what is fun, easy, exciting and creative for you and assumes an open, willing attitude. Your man's enjoyment is secondary, though hurting or making him uncomfortable is never a good policy.

From this perspective, three possible kinds of connection are discussed. Each builds on the previous one through developing or expanding its use rather than being heretical in nature. The core kind of connection is the technical connection.

The skills discussed for enhancing technical connections are the abilities to maintain physical and emotional comfort, to discover what you want and know how to ask for it in a clear succinct way, and the security to discuss and evaluate ideas originating in creative imaginations. Honing these skills enables you to please your mouth through its basic sensory inputs when it's in connection with her man.

The skills discussed to develop and expand into the next kind of connection, the relishing connection, are how to identify stimuli that most easily open your senses, the focus to engage in progressive practice with a variety of stimuli to increase the sheer number of sensory cells that are stimulated, and imagination in transferring the techniques to your man.

The skills discussed to develop and expand into the next kind of connection, the expanded connection, are: concentrating on the inner thigh; deep throat, with or without, Swallowing; internal prostate massage; and his active involvement.

All this is pulled together in the wrap up with suggestions on how and where to start in moving along in your journey!

Hear a sample of the introduction covering the layout and content.


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