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A Monthly Tele-Seminar for Women on Sexuality and Sex with Jenny Friend, M.S., M.F.T.

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All the senses contribute to the vibrational level of the body. Vibration opens the body to feeling, both physically and emotionally. Four months of Let's Talk About IT! are dedicated to offering you ideas and suggestions for how you can raise your vibrational level and what that can mean in your sensual and sexual encounters; presuming a safe environment, of course. Come prepared to listen, and gain empathy, understanding and emotional bonding.

Expert Guest Speakers at all 4 sessions!

Using the Sense of Smell to Enhance Your Sensual Experience

Nancy Mendell

Nancy Mendell: An experienced energy healer has helped many people live happier and healthier lives naturally since 2001. She is a graduate of Pranic Healing and Paramitas. Additionally, she has also studied Aromatherapy and uses and prescribes Essential oils regularly to clients to assist in the energy balancing process.

A brief discussion of how smell enhances your sensual and sexual experiences sets the stage for Nancy. She discloses what essential oils and fragrances to use to promote harmony and create a pleasant, relaxing and sensual mood for you and your lover. She also shares how to wake him up, get his attention and raise his desire. Essential oils work on you, too!

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Movement for Opening and Allowing Pleasure

Ginger Lee

Ginger Lee is a Holistic Practitioner of over 15 years. She embodies all the qualities of a natural healer following in her mother's footsteps; a village medicine woman in Korea. A compassionate heat has led Ginger to constantly study many diverse natural healing modalities: Korean Hand Therapy; Yin/Yang Yoga; Pranic Healing; Clinical Guided Imagery/Meditation; Healing Touch; Connected Breathing and Holodynamics. She also teaches Sacred Fan Dance.

After several "near death" experiences Ginger learned to fully care for and listen to the constant messages of and her body. She has discovered our bodies are here to give us pleasure. They are galaxies and in constant change. By moving, dancing, and shaking our bodies we stimulate and awaken each cell making us women feel sexy. We are a river of energy that knows where to flow! It feels so free to be one with our body when it is turned on. It will release many healthful chemicals to makes us feel even more ecstatic!

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7 Keys to the Art of Sensual Touch

Ayanna Mojica

Rev. Ayanna Mojica, MFA, is an Intuitive Visionary, Spiritual Teacher, Sacred Artist and Healer. She studied Tantra with Rundy Duphiney and has practiced and taught Sacred Sexuality for over three years. She weaves a tapestry of spirit, arts and healing in her unique and powerful work.

Ayanna will share with you 7 Keys to the Art of Sensual Touch. Things like: slowing down long enough to caress the soft petal of a white rose, or have the inside or your wrist kissed until you begin to quiver inside; and how you can invite your lover to gently brush your hair or massage your scalp and neck as a prelude to deepen intimacy and pleasure. Once you try the 7 Keys you will increase your intimacy quotient and deepen your ability to give and receive pleasure. For more information visit http://www.AyannaMojica.com 

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Tantric Presence as it relates to Taste, Hearing and Sight

Anastas Harris

Anastas Harris has a Master's of Education specializing in Adult Education and Counseling and a PhD in Psychology. She works in the field of individual, relationship, and sexual counseling. She is also a Tantra teacher doing private Tantric coaching with individuals and couples, and a leader of Tantric workshops. She is currently writing a book, "Re-Romancing Your Relationship: Creating Emotional Intimacy and Sexual Passion in an Imperfect but Highly Valued Relationship." She has a 23 year relationship with her partner Dr. Steven Vogue, who co-facilitates the Tantra workshops and works with her in teaching Tantra and Tantric relationship to couples. Her web-site is http://www.TheTantraExperience.com.

To experience life more fully and richly it is important to move into a place of focused presence. What does this mean? How do you do this in the realm of taste, hearing and sight? Anastas Harris, Ph.D., will discuss this from a Tantric perspective. She will show how being in a place of presence enables your life experience to become more intense, vital, and memorable and how it also brings that quality of intensity and aliveness to those you interact with. The main focus of the presentation will be on taste and depending on the time available hearing and sight will also be covered. You will learn how being in a place of presence and powerfully focused in your senses can greatly enliven your relationship with a Beloved. You will learn yummy ways to build intimacy and stimulate erotic energy through your powerful focus on your senses.

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